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4th April 2019

East of England Co-op Education Centre Ipswich

Context - Sensitive Design

This event explored how good design can be nurtured within a sensitive context, be it a historic, rural, or a peri-urban place looking to grow. Sensitive and responsive design is rooted in a deep understanding of the established condition and historic context, balanced with future aspiration - so we will seek to build an understanding of what sort of studies, analysis and research underpin this effort, as well as how this iterative, non-linear process is best captured in the planning system. This will be explored through a workshop exercise, where we reflect on exemplar submission documents developed

by the speakers. The masterclass explored what sensitive design looks like across contexts, guided by projects in varied contexts, such as Tweedbank, a historic masterplan in the Scottish Borders, to Campbell Park, an urban extension in Milton Keynes.

Event programme

23 Local Authority staff, 3 Architects and 3 Developers attended this event.

Due to the file size the presentation by Stephen Proctor can not loaded, however if you wish to view the presentation then please contact:

Event Feedback from sample schemes

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