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Suffolk Design Charter - May 2020 IMAGE1
Suffolk Design Charter - May 2020 image3
Suffolk Design Charter - May 2020 image
Suffolk Design Charter - May 2020 image
Lavenham Peek Close
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Suffolk Design 

Suffolk Design is an initiative to ensure the quality of new buildings, public spaces and neighbourhoods throughout the county meets today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges.

Suffolk Design Principles

Suffolk Design is focused on ensuring we work in a consistent and efficient way to deliver good design to ensure places that work for people. 

To achieve this Suffolk Design; 

  • Communicates the value of good design to Suffolk 

  • Sets aspirations about quality and place

  • Ensures well designed places are delivered

  • Defines the Suffolk approach to including our communities in the design and development process

  • Engages the County's stakeholders in an collaborative approach to joint working 


Get Involved

Have any great examples of Suffolk design excellence or failures? We'd love to see! Send them in via the link below.

We'd love to hear from you

In order to help us develop the design guide we'd love you to participate in our research!

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Suffolk Design: Streets Guide

Suffolk County Council has commissioned the production of Suffolk Design: Streets Guide, a new design guide to update existing guidance for new residential developments, and is asking members of the public for feedback in shaping the guidance.

A public consultation was held December 2020 - February 2021. Following an eight week public consultation on Suffolk Design: Streets Guide, a report of the consultation will be published when the Streets Guide is presented to Suffolk County Council’s Cabinet.

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