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Suffolk Design is the collaboration between all Local Authorities and County Council within Suffolk to ensure we work consistently and efficiently to deliver well-designed places that work for the residents, visitors, and environment.

The partnership between the Authorities ensures the initiative is public sector driven, providing officers consistency in resources and the ability to gain knowledge and experience around design and placemaking in Suffolk. 

To achieve this Suffolk Design.

  • Providing long-term support to all Suffolk Authorities.

  • Serving as a public sector-driven initiative through renewed partnerships.

  • Establishing high aspirations and standards for design and placemaking.

  • Facilitating learning, collaboration, and promotion among Authorities.

  • Providing a cohesive vision for shaping Suffolk's future.

Suffolk Design is a central base where it provides, not just public sector officers, but also private sector industry, an essential resource to help those involved with placemaking to shape and influence future development.

This is achieved through the online resources hosted on this website (guidance documents and events), future public sector officer tours, training, and the development of the Suffolk Design Management Process.

Suffolk Design is managed and run by public sector officers voluntarily with key representation from all local and county councils.

1,466 square miles
760k population
50 mile coast
One National Landscape

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