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Suffolk Design Review Panel

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The Suffolk Design Review Panel is an independent service, promoted and endorsed by the authorities within Suffolk. The panel offers independent and impartial guidance on the design of new buildings, landscapes and public space, with the aim of promoting high standards in the quality of the built environment.

Local authorities will encourage engagement with the Suffolk Design Review Panel at suitable stages of pre-application discussions. The process aims to improve and enhance design quality coming forward across Suffolk, assisting applicants and planning authorities in reaching agreement on design matters. 

Panel composition

The panel brings together leading professionals from a variety of fields to provide a broad range of expertise which may include:

•    Architecture
•    Urban Design / Town Planning
•    Landscape Architecture
•    Heritage / Townscape
•    Sustainability / Ecology
•    Transport and Active Travel
•    Development Expertise

The composition of each panel meeting is chosen as far as possible to suit the scheme being reviewed. 


Applicants are referred to the Design Review Panel by the local planning authorities as an external service, and fees are paid by the applicant to Frame Projects for delivering this service.

For further information on the role and remit of the panel, please refer to the Suffolk Design Review Panel Terms of Reference *include hyperlink*


•    £5,750 + VAT for an in-person formal review
•    £4,640 + VAT for an online formal review
•    £3,300 + VAT for a chair’s review

If required, the cost of venue hire, and transport from the nearest convenient station to the site visit would be in addition to the charges above. 

Panel Chairs
20+ Panel Members
4 Local Authorities


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